Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tums Freshers

Fast relief. Fresh breath.

Sometimes our favorite foods give us heartburn and food breath. Those are two things you want to get rid of fast. That’s where new TUMS Freshers comes into play. It’s the only TUMS that not only relieves heartburn but freshens breath at the same time. Look for it in convenient 25 count bottles which fit in a purse, pocket, desk, or car.

Sour stomach
Acid indigestion
Upset stomach associated with these symptoms
Since having my son in 2007,  I get acid reflux often. It usually hits me when I leave the house our I lay down for bed. Tums is the only thing that works for me. I hate the nasty tasting medicines you have to swallow. Which is why Tums works best for me. The Smoothies are my favorite. They go to work instantly for me. When I heard about the Tums freshers I had to try them. It is a great idea! But I'm not a huge fan of peppermint. I think the Freshers are too strong. Maybe if they were spearmint flavor I would like them more. Nonetheless They still work great. Stop the heart burn instantly. 
 I love the tiny bottle they come in though. Very convenient. 

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